CLT Profi invests €450,000 to increase production capacity by 30%

In the beginning of 2024, CLT Profi made a significant investment of €450,000 in acquiring an additional CNC milling machine. The new equipment is set to increase the production capacity of CLT (cross-laminated timber) panels by 30%.

“Despite the uncertainty in the construction industry over the past few years, the demand for wooden buildings continues to rise steadily. Therefore, to enhance our long-term competitiveness, we are investing in our manufacturing facilities to promptly respond to increasing demand. We are also working on new investment projects for the second half of 2024 to improve the quality of our products and introduce new ones,” says Andris Dlohi, CEO of CLT Profi.

Nowadays, clients, especially in Central Europe and Scandinavian countries, are more meticulous about evaluating the energy efficiency and ecological footprint of buildings. Thus, the demand for more environmentally friendly construction materials is becoming more relevant, as their production generates significantly lower CO2 emissions and construction waste.

In July 2023, CLT Profi acquired 67.04% ownership in the wood panel factory Cross Timber Systems, becoming the largest shareholder of the plant. The factory covers a total area of 10,000 square meters, and CLT Profi group companies employ more than 90 people overall.CLT Profi specializes in the design, supply, and assembly of cross-laminated timber materials, primarily for multi-story and public wooden buildings in export markets. The company is the largest exporter of CLT panels in Latvia, with 95% of its products being sold in more than 14 European and Scandinavian countries. We also produce private homes in smaller volumes, mainly exported to Norway and Iceland. The use of solid wood panels in building construction ensures significantly shorter construction times, simpler logistics, and economic advantages by generating less construction waste. Moreover, wooden panels are a considerably more sustainable material compared to other construction materials.

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In the beginning of 2024, CLT Profi made a significant investment of €450,000 in ...